Your Security is our priority​

- Thrive Security -

Bank Grade Encryption

Thrive uses 256-bit encryption, the same security that your bank uses

Secure Bank Connections

Thrive never sees sensitive information and will never sell your data

Secure Funds

Funds are held in a Schedule I - CDIC insured bank in Canada.

- Partners and Certifications -

We know that security is paramount. That’s why Thrive uses cloud services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and managed by a team with over 20 years of experience in the web hosting industry. AWS’ data centres are certified ISO 27001, SOC 2 (Type II), PCI DSS (Level 1), FISMA, and many more. We also work closely with internationally renowned firms (Quovo and Plaid) for links to banks. Finally, we do daily vulnerability scan on our website to ensure continuous security.

- Our Promises -

We don't sell data

Thrive's mission is to enable you to live a healthier financial life. This mission requires that we align our interests with our users, which makes selling data a non-starter.

Protected personal data

Personal sensitive information (bank credentials, security questions) is never seen or stored at Thrive. We will never have access to these types of personal information.

You own your data

You can delete your accounts at any time and we will remove all your data.

Regular security audits

We regularly undergo independent security audits to make sure our systems are always secure.

Data & Security FAQs

1. Does Thrive store personal sensitive information?

No, Thrive never stores or even gets access to your personal sensitive information. When you log into your bank, all of your personal sensitive information is kept between you and your bank.

2. Where does Thrive store financial data?

Financial data (transactions, loans, investments) is stored and securely encrypted on the cloud services from Amazon Web Service (AWS) located within the Canadian region, including servers, databases, and object storage.

3. How does Thrive ensure that my financial data is safe?

Thrive ensures that all users’ financial data are encrypted and anonymised through using AES-256 encryption techniques, building strict access controls and regularly undergoing independent security audits to make sure our systems are always secure.

4. What if I lose my phone?

The data on your phone is encrypted and can only be accessed through your username and password. Nobody else can access your Thrive accounts, even if you lose your phone. If you wish to deactivate or pause your account, please contact us immediately and Thrive will delete and remove all your data.

5. Do you sell my personal information?

Security is our priority. We will never sell, publish or share your contact information or any identifiable personal information to third parties. You can read our privacy policy here.

6. How does Thrive make money?

We built Thrive for all. Anyone can use Thrive to save money for free. We plan to monetize Thrive by offering paid add-ons in the future. We also plan to show great offers based on your goals. For example, a deal on flights to Hawaii if you have a goal to go to Hawaii.

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