Why financial wellness matters

In today’s tight labour market, finding and keeping the best employees is tough. Smart employers know that retaining talent is all about the here and now, by offering shorter-term incentives and perks that keep employees loyal, engaged, and positive about their workplace.

Here is a sample of what our users are currently saving for:

Tokyo trip — Emergency fund — Aiden’s education fund — Student loans — Gibson guitar — My retirement — Cannabis stocks — Invisalign — Downpayment for a condo — Coachella — Executive MBA — Art tour in Florence — Ducati racer — My wedding! — iPhone 10 — Paying down my credit cards — Kitchen renovation
Employees today are the smartest, educated, and most culturally diverse workers in history. They’re also cash-strapped and stressed about their finances, savings, and retirement.

50% of North American workers live paycheck to paycheck and have less than $500 saved. 

That doesn’t leave much wiggle room for unforeseen events  that can significantly impact finances and well-being.

Financial matters can be a key source of stress for employees and can impact their physical and mental health. This is costly for employers – from higher rates of absenteeism to lower productivity. With decreased workplace pension participation and an increase in the freelance economy, employees need financial wellness support more than ever throughout their careers.