Saving money has never been this easy

Thrive helps you pay off your credit cards and save automatically.


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Thrive helps you

Save automatically

Every week, Thrive figures out how much you can afford to save and helps you set the savings aside in a separate account. ​

Build an emergency fund

Studies show that having $500 saved can significantly reduce financial stress and help you build habits towards financial stability.

Achieve your goals

Based on our understanding of your habits, Thrive will help you save more, pay down debt, and achieve financial freedom.

The app the banks don't want you to know about

Automated savings

Every week, Thrive helps you set aside small amounts of money in a separate account.

Micro-savings add up

Although it might not seem like much, overtime, micro-savings can build up your savings to $500 or even $1000!

Set your goals

Thrive will help you track progress towards your goal - motivating you and finding ways to help you save.

Coming Soon: Debt Management

Feeling the pinch when paying down your credit cards? Thrive helps you set aside money every paycheque to pay down your credit cards.

We're serious about your security

Bank grade encryption

Thrive uses 256-bit encryption, the same security that your bank uses

Secure bank connections

Thrive never sees sensitive information and will never sell your data

Secure Funds

Funds are held in a Schedule I - CDIC insured bank in Canada.

See what Thrive members have to say

“Being on Thrive is like finding a $50 bill in your winter jacket. It is so convenient to have this tool set aside money without ever thinking about it, and in an emergency I can access my money quickly. Love it.”
Part-Time Earner
“I have always had a problem following through on my savings plan. Thanks to Thrive they do all the work for me and I know my family’s financial future is on the right track”
Full-Time Earner

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